Throughout the weekend, we rely on over 50 volunteers to assist us in various tasks to maintain the highest quality standards for our racers. This is where you come in because it is your efforts that will make this event a success.

We will guide & train you to do whatever task is asked of you. But most of all, you will have fun and memories that will last a lifetime. No Experience is Necessary; so come join the fun and get where the real action is, Up Close & Personal!

As a volunteer, you have great flexibility in choosing when to work. Although many choose to work the full day, you can choose the morning session, afternoon session or evening session. If you do work the evening session, we will also provide you with a meal prior to the session.

Our need for volunteers start with our Thursday Test Day starting at 8:00 am, ending Sunday about 5:00 pm when the last Enduro race finishes.

The various time slots which require volunteers are as follows:

Thursday to Sunday

  • Morning 7:00 am – Noon
  • Afternoon 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Check-in time is 45 minutes prior to the session.
The various positions where we need volunteers for each session are:

  • Corner Workers
  • Timing & Scoring
  • Enduro Pit Marshal
  • Grid
  • Tech & Scales
  • Miscellaneous

For a full description for each position select Race Roles & Positions (click me) in the upper right.