Welcome Volunteers!

It’s you that make it all happen!

Thank you for volunteering your time for the ARPCA Club Race. As a volunteer, your job is to work the many tasks that come up during the race day, make friends, spend time enjoying the cars and above all, to have a great time.

The 2017 event dates are Thursday October 12th – Sunday October 15th. Sign the wavier at the guard house, and then enter the track and report to the volunteer table inside the Registration Garage (see Map under Event Info, and Photos in Gallery).

If you are volunteering for the morning please report to the volunteer table by 7:15 AM and for the afternoon session by 11:45 AM. We asked that you remain flexible relative to your assignment. Many ‘jobs’ come up on the spur of the moment and you may be assigned to a task other than the one you requested. Please park in the designated, paddock parking area and never block a trailer or race car…

Each volunteer will be provided with lunch and water as well as other volunteer gifts that will be available at the volunteer area. We recommend that you bring sun screen, folding chairs, and cooler with drinks if you are working the corners. The weather at Pitt Race can be very different from Pittsburgh’s. Check the forecast and come prepared. Long pants and closed shoes are required for most of the areas, especially corners, pits, and grid. We also request that you do not wear cloths that may be confused as a flag, yellow and red for example.

**Any guest under the age of 18 is considered a MINOR**

It is an express condition of PCA’s insurance coverage that minors who are admitted to any PCA moving car event MUST be covered by the appropriate Minor Release and Waiver Form. Minors under 16 are NOT permitted in the hot pits or on the grid.

The “Waiver and Release of Liability and Indemnity Agreement For Minors” can be reviewed here

Questions or concerns prior to the event should be sent via email to one of the volunteer coordinators prior to September 29, 2017.

Thank you again.

ARPCA Volunteer Chairman