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Leave your rig at Pitt Race
and pick it up on the way to Daytona!

ARPCA has arranged for Club Race competitors to leave their rigs here before heading to Daytona free of charge.  Rigs must be out by October 25th. 

The Pitt Race event following ours (on the 10/20 weekend) will only be utilizing the South Track paddock. Therefore, competitors may leave their rigs in the North Track paddock. Some will be able to remain right where they were for the ARPCA event, and some will have to move over to that area on Sunday.

There will be a trailer storage agreement form for those who wish to leave rigs. This must be filled out and returned to us prior to the completion of our event on Sunday 10/15.

You will be permitted to leave rigs at no charge, but no one is permitted to camp or stay in their haulers. The track will not have security overnight so the gate will be closed & locked. Normally the track charges for monthly trailer storage, but given the short amount of time this will be waived.

All trucks and equipment must be out by 10/25 because the entire paddock is needed for the group moving in on the 26th.

Remember, when you park your rig to PLEASE use blocks or pads under the trailer support arms to help prevent paddock damage.