‘Das Burghring’ Grid Procedures

Entering the Grid:

The grid is located at the “head” of the ‘North Track’ pits. The entrance gate is on the paddock side (see map below).  You will see fire & safety vehicles to the right, you will turn left.

You must have a dot, windshield number, and correct color wristband to enter the grid.  Once you arrive we will perform a safety check on your car looking for missing hood pins, window & safety nets, leaking fluids, flat tires, etc. If you need any help while on the grid, please wave your arms & we will come to you.

Pay attention to the schedule and paddock announcements. There are speakers located in several places and the announcements can be heard on FM radio 91.5.  

At the 5-minute mark, we will close the grid. Instructions to close are given over the P.A. from the tower and the Chief Steward. If you are late, you will be held and will only be allowed to enter the hot pits following the instructions of the grid workers.

At the 3-minute mark, we clear the crew-members from the grid. Your crew must leave your car and step to the perimeter. Should a problem occur that will not allow you to leave the grid with your group, your crew may return to help you after all other cars have cleared the grid.

Grid Positions:

You can help everything run smoothly by knowing your grid position in advance. After each qualifying session, go to the information table and get your time and grid position for the next session.  If there is no information for you on the timesheet, then it is likely that your transponder was not working. You will be placed at the back of the grid.

If you know that you had a transponder problem or you did not run in the last qualifying session, please show up early. The sooner you arrive, the farther up the grid you will be among those with similar issues.

If there is a grid position problem that cannot be immediately sorted out, we will ask you to pull over, inside the grid near the paddock side fence. Staying on the high side of the grid will help with positioning other cars. From there, we can work to solve the issue. This also prevents you from being turned away at the 5-minute mark as you will already be inside the grid.

If the grid size exceeds the capacity of the numbered spots, a second false grid will be set up just outside of the gate leading to the traditional false grid.

Thank you,

Bill Sulouff, ARPCA Race Director
Bill Stewart, ARPCA Chief of Grid